Our Mission Statement

To build & drive our customers' business forward through the fully integrated services we offer and with best practice use of data.

With an unparalleled record in measuring customer satisfaction (including paper, online & tablet surveys), our understanding of consumers will help any business grow their customer base cost effectively. We believe in the development & growth of customer loyalty firmly based on the principle of “return not churn”, whilst gathering customer insight at the most appropriate point of customer interface, even from on-board a ship mid-Atlantic to a remote mountainous village.

Business decisions must be based on intelligence that is relevant, accurate & unbiased. Without an in-depth understanding of customers, marketing is performed blindfolded. Business will always “profit from the right information”.

Real people are not postcodes, they are individuals; our solutions appreciate that. Indicators of brand, product or concept loyalty; satisfaction, and buying behaviour whether it be long term planning to last minute bargain hunting will help dramatically reduce wasted marketing spend.

How well do you understand all your customers? We can give you that data intelligence with innovative ‘consumerdata’.