Survey Types

Whether you choose paper or electronic - Your customer satisfaction questionnaire is fully customisable. We will ensure the style of your 'CSQ' matches your brand.


There are a number of reasons why paper surveys are selected, not least because it generates a higher response. We can help you deliver a bespoke experience - tailored to your exact customer base, which will maximise response rates.

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Whether you require a standalone web survey or plan to run one alongside a paper questionnaire, Consumerdata can provide intuitive, user friendly electronic CSQ design.

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Customise your paper survey:

  • Font styles, colours and sizes - suited to your brand.
  • Paper types
  • Size and fold of paper.
  • Layout - carefully considered so that questions do not overwhelm respondents.
  • Clear, consistent typefaces, design styles and paper finish for blind or partially sighted customers.

Paper responses could generate up to 50% more feedback than online questionnaires.

We can scan, store and categorise all completed questionnaires for your reference.

 We provide electronic survey design which is responsive across:

  • Desktop browser
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

We work closely with our customers to design online surveys which keep respondent fatigue to a minimum and encourage truthful and considered answers.