Data Reporting

Increasingly clients prefer to create their own tables saving them money as, when often happens, senior management ask for the data to be analysed in a different way to that originally specified. We can provide raw data in most formats, password-protecting it so that some departments can only see data relating to them.

For those requiring analysis we can provide dashboard and traffic light graphs in real-time so that the data you use is always the most up-to-date.


A profile of customers taking particular sorts of holidays, staying at hotels or their preference for particular months can be determined from a study of the data you gather from customer satisfaction surveys, competition entrants and booking data. Consumerdata has been involved in Big Data projects going back many years, regularly crunching over seventeen million records to develop answers to questions like who is likely to want a beach holiday in June in the Caribbean.


We can benchmark your own seasonal data against previous seasons on a year-by-year basis or aggregated against all the data that you hold. If you want to look at a particular hotel, excursion or type of holiday, we can provide an automatic benchmarking analysis allowing you to compare against a variety of parameters.

You can also specify benchmarking against third party date such as ONS, IPS, ACI or IATA data for example. Consumerdata has access to generic holiday data from 2000 so we can compare your data against a variety of variables both demographic and holiday information


Consumerdata has been at the forefront in creating travel industry segmentation systems for destinations and travel companies most of which have been used to drive marketing plans and monitoring suppliers. Consolidating your data into one usable segmentation data along with third party data allows you a marketing tool unique to you.

Consumerdata has created a segmentation system – Outbound – based on holiday habits, intentions and attitudes. Where you holiday, how you holiday and what you do is conditioned by change. That change alters depending on whether you travel on your own, with a partner, your family or with friends. You will do different things and probably react differently depending on how you travel. Outbound reflects that approach being the most advanced travel segmentation system on the market today.