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Working alongside our customers, we design and process customer satisfaction programmes. We are committed to using whichever solution yields the best result, and often that can be a combination of tablet, electronic or paper surveys. Surprisingly, paper surveys often produce the best reporting information and data, especially when survey completion is made easy for the respondent.

We never lose sight of the importance of gaining channel permission for future business development activity. Data capture of global market research documents has even given us the expertise to handle more than 40 foreign languages.

Quantitative reporting gives customers the information needed to monitor their business operations. Management and marketing may well use qualitative analysis to understand and drill deep into the available data. But all reporting relies on a combination of speed and accuracy of source data. Each survey method will have its pros and cons depending on our customer’s business.

Our focus remains targeted on building & driving our customers’ business forward through the fully integrated services we offer, and with best practice use of data.

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Your bespoke customer satisfaction questionnaire
Your bespoke customer satisfaction questionnaire